The entire cast and crew of ARWA’s could not be more proud of how the season turned out!!! Overall, we went 8 for 8 on Dall sheep, 3 for 4 on moose, plus 3 black bears. Almost identical to our 2016 season. This makes back to back years of 100% success on sheep!!! The number I’m most impressed with...was the age class of rams that we harvested this season. ARWA’s average was 10.25 years old, 36 inches long with 13.25 inch bases. Six of the 8 rams taken this season were broomed! Truly an average to write home about!

I can not express my appreciation enough to ALL that were involved! And most importantly, to our 2017 clients. Without our clients, ARWA’s would not exist!

ARWA’s was proud to kick the season off with Tim Pask and welcome back repeat client, Jason Nielson accompanied by son, Chandler.

Tim got the ball rolling by taking a true “war lord” of a ram; that remarkably, resembles a Rocky Mountain big horn! A 11 year old ram with great mass and both horns broomed way back.

Jason and Chandler were persevering through a bit of bad luck early on into the hunt. After suffering 2 blown stalks and a bad weather day, they were able to pull off a double on two beautiful rams at once. Chandler's 8 year old ram has the wide gapping flare and measured 34'' ,while Jason's 10 year old ram has more of the boxy look with a tighter curl that measured close to 36" on his long side . On the last day of the hunt, Chandler was able to add a nice 6 foot black bear to the list. Truly a remarkable and memorable father and son hunt!

Between the first and second hunt, Jeff and Jimmy (aka the "brew crew") came in to preform a little makeover on the roadhouse. Which was/is much needed, might I add! And I'm proud to report, that it has become a place of comfort and not just a garage with a cook stove.

Hunt two, ARWA’s was joined by two long time friends, Amy Biondich and Bill Becker. Amy took her ram on day 3 which happened to coincide with her birthday. The 10 year old “birthday ram” measured 35" with 13.5" bases and was celebrated in true fashion that night! Bill had to put in a little tent time on the mountain, but was handsomely rewarded with a heavy 11 year old monarch of a ram! The ram measured 36'' on the long side with 13.5" bases. Bill too, was able to top off his Alaska hunt with a nice black bear a few days later.

The third hunt is when ARWA's went through a bit of a transition. Jon (guide), Kevin (guide) and Jacob (packer) continued on with the sheep hunts with incoming client Jim Conrad. While Peter (guide), Ben (packer) and I (guide) switched gears and camps to pursue moose with incoming clients Todd Williams and Mark Glover.

Jim Conrad persevered through a tremendous wind storm and pulled off a great shot on a 11 year old ram early into his 10 day hunt. Jim's ram just so happened to be the twin brother of Bill Becker's ram.

The moose hunting was hot right out of the gate! Todd Williams could have tagged a mid 50's bull within the first hour of his hunt but elected to pass. I agreed with his decision and was willing to hold out to see what else we could dig up. On the morning of day 8 a 57.5" bull was just a little to close to our look out hill and Todd tipped him over. We had that bull back in Anchorage and completely processed within 48 hours. Can't say I've ever heard that kind of turn around before!

Mark Glover on the other hand, couldn't get a bull to cooperate. Mark and Peter put the chase on a 60+" bull early on in the hunt but the bull zigged and they must of zagged. Because that bull was never seen again. Mark and Peter continued to see all sorts of critters (lynx, dall sheep, bison, wolves and moose) throughout the hunt, but nothing that stood out to pull the trigger on.

On the fourth hunt Guy Wells and Marty Cook were welcomed into sheep camp, while returning clients, Carl and Brad Weiss were welcomed into moose camp.

It literally, didn't take but a day or two for Marty and Guy to tag out. Both rams were taken within the same hour and within a mile of each other! Their rams turned out to be 10 and 11 year olds with broomed horns and measuring 37" on the long side. Marty got in a little extra shooting by taking a black bear a few days later.

Brad and Carl kicked off their moose hunt with a little pike fishing the day they flew into camp. The moose hunting started off a bit slow. Day 4 turned out to be the warmest day yet. But a nice bull presented himself over a mile away and it took two separate stalks plus a little luck for Brad and I to dig out the very weary 61'' bull and get him tipped over! Brad wanted to try it with a bow but the wind and the bull had the final say in the weapon of choice. Nonetheless, it was super exciting to call this bull to within 100 yards and play "ring around the rosie"!

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg with these hunting stories!

Again... Alaska's River Wild and I would like to thank everyone that contributed to another tremendous season!!! And we are looking forward to seeing what 2018 has in-store!

If you are in the neighborhood...Please come see us at the shows:

- Dallas Safari Club, January 4-7 in booth #1422

and or the

- Wild Sheep Foundation, January 18 -20 in booth #900