A visit to Dick Proenneke’s cabin is a unique step back into history. The cabin is situated on Twin Lakes in the mountains skirting Lake Clark and is accessible with a 30-minute floatplane ride. Dick Proenneke built the cabin with hand crafted hand tools in 1967. The unique craftsmanship of the small log cabin and the handmade furniture inside is a tribute to his woodworking genius. In 1973, Proenneke’s friend, Sam Keith, edited a volume of Dick’s journal entries entitled One Man’s Wilderness. A documentary film, Alone in the Wilderness, was produced in 2003 from Dick’s own film footage, and is often shown on Public Broadcasting stations.

The park service has created an “outdoor museum” of Proenneke’s cabin and is a treat to visit. The popular day trip includes exploration of the cabin and the surrounding Twin Lakes area. Enjoy a short day hike to Leaning Rock, berry picking along the way and wild life is sure to be spotted. Be sure to bring your camera, as breathtaking vistas above timberline will draw you in to the vast expanse of the valley.

A fly-out day trip, the visit to Twin Lakes and Dick Proenneke’s cabin will include a short hike, berry picking, wildlife viewing and breathtaking landscapes. Twin Lakes is also the perfect multiday trip for those who enjoy backpacking.