Alaska is a place incomparable to others, grabbing hold of a person and leaving them changed. It’s the intangible feeling of being on top of a mountain peak that has quite possibly never been summited, watching a herd of caribou migrate, feeling the roar and power of a glacier-fed waterfall, and pushing yourself to experience the unknown. Do you seek to conquer the unknown and to be challenged? Do you desire an experience full of discovery and relaxation? What ever your dream may be, choose between guided fly-out trips or unguided local excursions; let Alaska’s River Wild Lodge take you on a journey through Alaska’s rugged frontier. We have the unique advantage of having two national parks located in our backyard, Lake Clark National Park and Katmai National Park.

Our clients enjoy the ability to create a trip that is diverse and fills their adventure appetite. Many enjoy combining bear viewing or beachcombing with a fly-fishing trip. Nothing will leave you more enthralled than seeing how Dick Proenneke built his remote log cabin by hand with hand crafted tools on Twin Lakes. With two Stinson airplanes, the opportunities to take you into the true rugged frontier of Alaska are endless. We have the expertise to go beyond what you can imagine. We invite you to dream big!